Dutch origin

Nedap Identification Systems is part of Nedap N.V., headquartered in the Netherlands. Nedap designs and develops intelligent, sustainable technological solutions for themes that are relevant to the modern society. It is Nedap’s ambition to offer ”Technology that Matters”.

Worldwide sales network

Nedap Identification Systems has offices in the Netherlands, United States, Spain, France, Italy, Dubai and Singapore. Our skilled business partner network is spread across the globe. We continue to make sure that the best commercial and technical support is also available in your local market.



At Nedap, we trust in the diversity of people and organizations. We believe that together, great companies and even greater people can achieve more than they think possible. However, there is always room to learn, improve and grow. We are committed to the inclusion of all humanity. It is this unified belief that sparks our drive to bring Technology for Life. As a global company, we value a world where it is safe for all communities and future generations to thrive.

We must continue to stand alongside one another and remember that we are all one community and will always be stronger together.
Please be safe and thank you for your continued support.

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At Nedap we develop Technology for life: products that help people become more productive, more successful and more meaningful in their professional lives.

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