Nedap AVI introduces ANPR Access

License plate recognition for vehicle access control 

Nedap AVI, leading specialist in solutions for long range vehicle and driver identification, expands its product line of vehicle identification systems with the license plate reader “ANPR Access”. The ANPR Access is specifically designed for vehicle access applications. It is easy to implement in existing access control systems, because the software supports Wiegand, RS422, RS485 and IP.

ANPR Access

In addition to its transponder based Microwave and UHF technologies, with ANPR Access Nedap offers a robust and user friendly LPR system for long range identification of vehicles. With years of experience in vehicle identification, Nedap AVI is able to advise the ultimate solution for each individual vehicle access situation. Vehicle access based on authorized license plates with the ANPR Access has already been installed in numerous kind of applications for city and parking access.

The camera is designed to act as a reader in several vehicle access control situations. The optional Wiegand Interface Module (WIM) converts license plate information into a Wiegand number, which makes it easy to implement it in existing access control systems using a Wiegand interface. ANPR Access is also able to send full license plate identifier strings over an IP or serial connection. The housing is designed for easy mounting on walls and poles and the camera is suitable for all type of weather conditions.

Before its international launch, Nedap AVI has successfully implemented the underpinning LPR technology in city access installations in the Netherlands for many years. ANPR Access is the perfect solution for AVI applications where it is impossible to distribute transponders. The technology can also be used in combination with Nedap’s transponder based access solutions (TRANSIT, uPASS) to support more demanding vehicle access control solutions.

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