Nedap MACE is a platform that allows any access control system to use smartphones as access credentials. The platform consists of a cloud based service, readers and apps. MACE apps can receive and contain multiple virtual identity credentials. These credentials are presented to MACE readersusing NFC, Bluetooth Low Energy or QR. The MACE Seve raccepts imports from 3rd party access control systems.

With the MACE app, users are provided with accessvia a variety of virtual access credentials. Via the app, communication technologies like Bluetooth Low Energy,NFC and optionally QR replace the need of physical access credentials.

Key features:

- Enables access control based on virtual credentials
- Available for iOS and Android
- Supports NFC, Bluetooth Low Energy and (optionally) QR credentials
- Easy management of virtual access credentials
- Operates with any access control system
- Combines convenience and security