Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) is an industry standard for secure communication of RFID readers and other devices with access control panels. It is based on RS485. Nedap’s reader portfolio for long-range RFID fully supports the OSDP protocol. The PCC485 is developed to upgrade Nedap readers (with RF output) with OSDP. The OSDP protocol is implemented according to the SIA OSDP v2.1.6 standard including the Secure Channel Protocol.

Supported Nedap readers are: TRANSIT Ultimate, TRANSIT Standard, TRANSIT Entry, uPASS Target, uPASS Reach, uPASS Access, MACE Reader MM and MACE Reader MM QR

Key features:

  • Upgrades Nedap readers with the OSDP protocol
  • Full OSDP support, including secure channel based on AES encryption
  • Supports latest versions of OSDP, firmware upgrades ensure future compatibility
  • Connects Nedap readers to any OSDP access control panels