Aachen parks with Nedap AVI

Location:         Aachen, Germany

Client:               APAG- Aachener Parkhaus GmbH

Partner:            Scheidt & Bachmann

Application:    Driver & Vehicle Access





The Location
With 11 locations and 5,000 spaces, the Aachener Parkhaus GmbH (APAG) is the primary parking garage operator in the city of Aachen in Germany. Located centrally in Aachen, the garages are open 24 hours a day and are equipped with modern video surveillance. Both short-term and long-term rental parking feature among its services. 

The Challenge
APAG sought a solution for long-term permit holders which involved enhancing its facilities making parking easier, more comfortable and more user-friendly than hitherto.

The Solution
APAG chose the TRANSIT and window button switch from Nedap AVI. The TRANSIT reader identifies the vehicle and the window button switch, the driver. All permit holders are registered with APAG. The window button switch or ‘Nupsi’ is an institution within the city of Aachen. The Nupsi acts in a similar manner to a remote control. The advantages in such a system lie in the fact that customers no longer need to queue at the cash machine and change for parking is not necessary as the amount is automatically deducted from the users account on a monthly basis. Only the parking costs are charged and there are no hidden fees. The Nupsi is free to permit holders. In addition, efficiency is enhanced in the garages due to the fact that the driver does not need to stop at the barrier or roll down the window. With one tip of the switch, the driver can be identified and proceed within seconds.