Automated order processing at cement factory

Automated order processing at cement factory. The Italian cement factory Merone has been utilising automation systems for access control and the loading of goods since the, the first long range identification systems that were available on the market at the beginning of the 1980’s. On updating their installation, management  of the organization decided to facilitate automatic vehicle identification. Their focused on automatic transaction management, self service cement booking and the cement loading process.  

Nedap long and short range identification. The RFID based solution implemented in the Merone factory is called the NEDAP TRANSIT® system. It is a long-range automatic vehicle identification (AVI) system, based on proven Nedap microwave technology in the 2.45 GHz band.

The system allows identification of tags at a distance up to 10 metres, even at high speeding passage. By means of the Compact Tag both long-range technology microwave technology and short-range inductive coupling technology can be mixed to offer the possibility to achieve generic solutions in cases where apparently separate parts on an application can be merged together and covered with one dedicated system and one transponder.


  • High level of comfort and convenience for users
  • Secure, reliable and convenient identification
  • Automatic vehicle identification and registration
  • Dual band technology (combination of short and long-range identification)