Automatic train refueling Dutch Railways

The Dutch Railways set up a specification for modern refueling platforms for all their sites. These requirements consisted mainly of automatically registration and leak free refueling of their railway equipment with an optimized management over the storage tanks and diminished fuel.

From environmental point of view Dutch Railways felt obliged to eliminate the fuel loss and waste of the refueling operation. Important data as operator name and material number had to be inserted manually on the fuel automate. Missing fuel and data caused administrational gaps and strength them to think about a better way to control their refueling operations.

For the revamp of all the refueling platforms in Holland, of all the refueling platforms in Holland, the Dutch Railways selected the Nedap microwave identification, Transit.
The Nedap Transit system provided the necessary solution of a reliable, secure and
convenient identification of the train at the fuelling station. 


  • Easy implementation to refueling terminal
  • Convenient for operators
  • Error free automated registration
  • Optimized administration of refueling operations