High-end security showcase at headquarters CROC

The Russian IT company CROC has implemented an integrated security system to create a safe and comfortable work environment for their employees working at their headquarters. Employees and visitors experience comfortable, user-friendly vehicle access thanks to automatic long-range vehicle identification technology from Nedap, in cooperation with the Russian partner AAM systems. Vehicle access control is part of the integrated security system which is applied at the building facilities of this leading Russian IT company. Simultaneously, this implementation functions as a high-end showcase for (potential) customers: all standard solutions supplied by CROC were integrated into the facility.

Integrated approach

CROC integrates all elements of information, telecommunications and engineering infrastructure of offices and businesses. Recently the CROC’s complex of buildings was equipped with an integrated security system, not only to create a comfortable and modern work environment, but also as a showcase. All standard solutions supplied to the market were integrated in the 11-storey office area. Automated building management systems, physical systems and fire safety, ventilation and air conditioning systems and an integrated power supply system were installed. All systems have in common that they are designed to answer employees’ and visitors’ individual needs, which means only the most advanced and often unique technologies were chosen.

The parking challenge

The CROC office attracts about 120-150 visitors every day, of which 20% travel with private vehicles. The daily number of cars in the parking lot is 650 divided into 3 areas: parking for employees, VIP-parking for executives and parking for visitors.  In the past, in morning and evening hours the flow of employees created a traffic congestion at the entrance which often resulted into unsafe traffic situations at the public road, as there are tram lines in front of the facility as well.  

The solutions

Employees’ cars are equipped with a Nedap RFID tag and are automatically detected by the TRANSIT reader from Nedap. This powerful long-range RFID reader provides identification at a distance of up to 10 meters which enables employees to drive through without having to stop. The solution eliminates congestion at the entrance and increases the level of safety at the facility.

Guests, who are mostly invited by CROC employees, are also able to enter the secured parking space without stopping. Each employee can order a one-time pass to the building and the parking facility for their visitors. To receive this one-time pass they fill out a form, including the license plate number, on the internal company portal and send the data to the ACS application for admission. Nedap’s ANPR Access is a license plate reader including camera, analyzer and IR illuminator. This all in one camera automatically reads number plates at a distance of 4 to 6 meters. If the guest is authorized the gate will open automatically. This solution offers visitors a comfortable and safe vehicle access.

With these advanced solutions the security and safety around the building has clearly improved as it is now possible to monitor all movements to figure out whose car is where and see the movements of people on the project at any time. All equipment for this project was selected from leading manufacturers working in the security market, such as Nedap Identification Systems. The security software package of all combined equipment was developed by AAM Systems. 

Results and prospects

The result of this implementation is a high level security service that provides information about events of people entering and moving in the CROC office. Both employees and visitors experience a comfortable, safe and efficient journey when travelling to the facility. Due to this positive results, the integrated security system is scheduled to be used at other sites of CROC and facilities of its customers. 

Get inspired about CROC’s integrated security system at their headquarter facility with this virtual tour: