Housing development secured by Nedap AVI

Location:        Hangzhou City, China

Client:              Hangzhou Greentown Cherry Blossom Gardens

Partner:           Shanghai UTIS Intelligent Technology Co..Ltd

Application:   TRANSIT Entry 




The Location
Hangzhou Greentown is a newly developed high-end bungalow project in Hangzhou, the Capital City of the Zhejiang Province in China.  The development is intended for the rich and famous.

The Challenge
As Hangzhou Greentown has been familiar with Nedap AVI’s products for a long time, the Nedap TRANSIT system was chosen from the outset of this project. The client wanted an access control system that could cater for tenants entering and exiting the premises at a speed of 30 miles per hour. In this way, they could enjoy a truly handsfree environment.

The Solution
A TRANSIT Entry reader and 200 compact tags were installed in this development. Each resident received a compact tag in their Vehicles.  The TRANSIT system enables swift and secure traffic throughput without the need to stop to show a pass.