Improve efficiency of public transportation services

Monitor bus drivers, buses and additional information

Nedap AVI, specialist in long range vehicle and driver identification, has developed an application to monitor bus drivers, buses and additional vehicle related information. It provides at all times a full overview of the entire fleet.

Improving efficiency of operations is one of the greatest challenges today. Especially in mobile environments such as public transportation services. The use of long range identification technologies improves mobility in urban areas and ensure rapid traffic flow. It keeps track of vehicle and driver movements and ensures reliable registration of all vehicle related activities. Nedap AVI (Automatic Vehicle Identification) is specialized in long range identification of vehicle and drivers.

Nedap AVI is one of the pioneers in RFID technology during decades. For many years they establish vehicle and people identification installations worldwide in many different industries like public transportation services. The innovative systems are installed in public transport busses, fire brigades, waste management services, taxi stands and numerous other installations. 

The driver based solutions have      Nedap AVI has developed an application
been installed already worldwide.   to monitor bus drivers, busses and 
                                                                additional related information.

Identify both vehicle and driver

Public transport buses can be driven by different drivers depending on their work shift. To keep track of which driver is on which bus is often a manual procedure subject human error. In order to schedule efficient bus services it is important to have real time information on availability of the vehicle and the driver.

Management of bus companies can verify the status of each vehicle, since the vehicle is identified during several point on the bus depots, such as maintenance area, refueling area etc. When was the vehicle washed? And when was it refueled? And many more vehicle specific information. Moreover each vehicle and driver is identified leaving the premises to register if the bus left on time and who was driving it. At all times a clear picture of the status of entire fleet is available.

Fire brigades face similar problems allocating the costs for a fire fight to specific jobs. In order to monitor this vehicle, driver and odometer information is linked together. On the fire brigade premises the vehicle is also identified in the refueling and vehicle maintenance area to link the information to the vehicle. This is important information to determine the budget the fire brigade needs to receive each year.

“Highly accurate and convenient data gathering
without causing obstruction to the daily processes
and traffic throughput.”

In waste management services Nedap AVI develops applications which ensure to link the operator, driver and vehicle identification to weight and type of waste together. In this way waste managers know exactly which service with which personnel has been on service in the city and what waste is coming back to the waste disposal site.

Mobility in urban areas can also be controlled by creating traffic priority lanes. Only selected public transport vehicles, identified based on long range identification technology, can be prioritized at traffic lights to ensure a fast pass through. Similar solutions are applied for bollard restricted urban area, which are only accessible for selected services, such as buses and emergency services. With real time vehicle identification data traffic officers are in control to secure safely and efficient traffic flow.

Link vehicle, driver and additional information together
In current systems, data related to the vehicle and driver are often manually recorded resulting in faults and it is difficult to find back information. Automatically recording the information ensures that data is accurate and easily to track back. Distances, fuel, damage, mileage, entry and exit times can easily be verified on a vehicle and driver. No other system in the market can collect all the information automatically with a single identification system. Integration of the personalized card already used for access control is assured. Integration into industry systems ensures record of information from the vehicle, the driver and additional information. Integration of the management system of your choice will be easy. 

Nedap AVI uses multiple technologies in order to create a solution applicable to record all vehicle activities. The result is a highly accurate and convenient data gathering without causing obstruction to the daily processes and traffic throughput. Nedap’s technology offers a more efficient process. Important management information on the vehicle fleet and drivers is available. Information is required to optimize the processes and to ensure accurate bus schedules. In many public transportation services already worldwide the driver based solutions have been installed. 

Restricted vehicle access in urban areas
Secured access based on long range identification of vehicles and drivers up to 10 meters also helps in other mobility applications, such as traffic priority lanes and urban access. Traffic priority lanes ensure to give certain vehicles (buses) traffic priority through traffic lights. When a priority vehicle is detected traffic lights will turn green and vehicle can pass through. The characteristics are:

  • improved traffic flow, fast pass through, identification on the fly without creating congestion
  • ensure only prioritized vehicle trigger traffic lights installation out of reach of vandals due to long reading range
  • reliable identification
  • multi height vehicles detection without need for multiple readers

Vehicle access to bollard restricted urban areas ensures that traffic in the city is limited reduced. It improves traffic flow by restricting access by user group and reason of access to inner urban areas, and allows convenient access for emergency services, taxis, residents and supplier to stores in urban areas. This solutions ensures that vehicles groups have individual access rights which relate to the reasons of access, for example:

  • residents 24/7
  • taxis, only evening and events
  • emergency services, always fast access to the urban area in case of emergency
  • suppliers, access to the city only in the mornings to supply stores

“Vehicle groups have individual access rights
which relate to the reasons of access”

Vehicle and driver identification     Vehicle access to bollard restricted 
systems also installed in fire         urban areas.
brigades, waste management
services and taxi stands.

Vehicle access in restricted areas offers control of the authorization of all above mentioned. Remote management and control from one central location allows for easy use. Data gathered offers important statistics and information for policy making, ensure less pollution in urban areas by restricting traffic. The inner city becomes a viable environment for all groups involved and last but not least and a good shopping area is created for pedestrians and, last but not least, the inner city area becomes a viable environment for all groups. 

Vehicle detection and management
Next to vehicle and people identification in different secured situations with permitted access, Nedap AVI also develops and produces solutions for vehicle detection and vehicle management. Modern parking, access points and gates are equipped with a multitude of access technology. For example a wireless vehicle detection system experienced as a smart parking solution. Today all access technology can be controlled by a single management controller. A solution which offers remote control, so traffic officers can manage vehicle entrances to parking’s and urban areas. 

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