Italian Fire Brigade chooses Nedap AVI

Location: Various Locations in Italy

Client: Vigili del Fuoco

Partner: Primec


The Vigili del Fuoco, literally the Fire Watchers, is Italy's institutional body for the fire and rescue service. The tasks of the Vigili del Fuoco are to safeguard people, animals and property, provide technical assistance, and emergency fire prevention. In addition, the body is required to ensure public safety in emergencies caused by acts defined as ‘aggression to the Nation’, such as chemical, biological and nuclear attacks. 

Since there is no obligatory military service anymore which provided the personnel to manually register access, kilometers and petrol reserves, the Vigili del Fuoco needed an automatic system to obtain this information.

They installed TRANSIT long range readers and Tacho Boosters to identify both the vehicle and driver and to obtain the kilometers during refueling. The Nedap system has greatly simplified the registration procedure and is installed in various locations throughout Italy.