Marc O'Polo chooses Nedap’s uPASS Access for convenient hands-free access

The premium modern casual brand Marc O’Polo in Stephanskirchen has successfully implemented an access control system. The system provides Marc O’Polo with a tailor-made solution suitable for a variety of requirements. Nedap’s uPASS Access readers for convenient hands-free access, developed by Nedap Identification Systems, play an important role is this access control solution.

On a daily basis, over 600 employees enter and leave the premises at the headquarters of Marc O’Polo in Stephanskirchen. Steady growth over recent years made it necessary to improve the process of access control. Marc O’Polo wanted a user-friendly system to prevent people from accessing the premises unauthorized, without causing inconvenience for employees.

“Convenient, fast, uncomplicated access: uPASS Access makes it all possible”

Flexible working hours, flexible system

Flexible and varied working hours called for a solution at Marc O’Polo that gave employees the greatest possible freedom of movement. Convenient, fast, uncomplicated –Nedap’s uPASS Access meets these criteria while remaining in the background.

Fashion accessory

As a fashion brand, Marc O’Polo had its own requirements when it came to the design of employee ID cards. Potential solutions for feasibility, aesthetics, practicality and design were discussed and tested in consultation with the management and various departments. For Marc O’Polo two access cards are developed - one for employees and one for visitors. The look of the cards matches with the corporate identity and the requirements of a modern premium casual brand, and is clearly showing the company to whom the card belongs. Attached to a quality leather strap, the security cards look like an everyday fashion accessory.

Hands-free access reader

uPASS Access is the world’s smallest UHF reader for hands-free access to secured buildings, sections and rooms. This ground-breaking reader can read access badges at distances of up to 2 meters. It is specifically designed for doorpost mounting and is the perfect solution for entrances that require both convenience and security, like office buildings, retail shops, hospitals, clean rooms and entries for disabled persons. This ultra-small reader utilizes passive UHF cards (EPC GEN 2) and supports all common security industry standards.