Parking access at prestigious Dutch hotel

Vehicle identification system at hotel Huis ter Duin

Location:    Noordwijk, The Netherlands
Client:          Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin
Partner:      Bavak Beveiligingsgroep

Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin is a luxury five-star hotel in a unique location direct at the beach at Noordwijk. The hotel has 230 rooms, 20 suites and 4 penthouses topped off with a Michelin Star restaurant. The hotel is host to many famous celebrities such as the Dutch football team.  

The hotel sought to make vehicle access to the garage client friendly which is primarily used by guests from the restaurant ‘Copper’ and residents of the adjacent apartment complex. Congestion during peak hours also presented a stumbling block. Quick, safe and user-friendly access for vehicles and residents was of utmost importance.

To satisfy these requirements, Huis ter Duin chose Nedap AVI vehicle access. Consisting of the TRANSIT long range reader and the window button, the system was integrated by Bavak Beveiligingsgroep BV. In total, 8 readers and 200 window buttons were distributed. In combination with the Bavak speedgate, opening and closing of the gates within a number of seconds was guaranteed. 

"We are very pleased with Nedap’s vehicle identification system. Vehicles are identified without the need to come to a stop and the need to present a badge. Access for our users is guaranteed in a secure and efficient manner,” comments Huis ter Duin.