Seasonal card holder access for Q-Park car parks


Access control system for over 100 Q-Park car parks. Q-Park wanted a customer card system in order to provide participating drivers fast and convenient access to all Q-Park car parks, convenient access and parking on counts. The company exploits over 100 parking facilities, dispersed over the Netherlands, and is market leader in this area. In the surrounding countries Q-Park exploits facilities in Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom.


Customer card systems for convenient access control for regular users  with Nedap Identification Systems. Nedap’s expertise in the field of vehicle identification as well as access control has resulted in a complete solutions that offers the drivers fast and convenient access without requiring any additional actions while driving in to and out off the Q-Park parking facilities. The system provides access control to the vehicle while driving. The system is a combination of the Nedap vehicle identification system TRANSIT, integrated with the existing parking management systems.


  • Complete solution
  • Increase service for Q-Park regular customers
  • Enables fast, convenient, and secure access for authorized vehicles and driver
  • After national implementation in the Dutch car parks, Q-Park also wants to implement the Nedap system in all her foreign car parks.