Secured vehicle access to Kodak

Kodak had a growing need to identify vehicles at long distances to secure their security perimeter and control access to parking facilities and loading dock areas within their Rochester, N.Y. corporate campus.

Thomas Rohr, Kodak’s manager of Protective Services for worldwide corporate security, was aware of the Nedap Combi Booster, a new Nedap system incorporating HID Prox card compatible in-vehicle readers and transmitter devices. Since part of the Kodak systems upgrade had included the deployment of HID Duo-Prox cards for all company employees, the ability to now use the card in the Nedap device to identify employee drivers at distances up to 33 feet at high speeds, over 100 miles per hour, while also receiving a vehicle identity, was very compelling.


  • In-vehicle, hands-free security gate and door access control
  • Complete integration with existing system
  • Scalable and flexible solution