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Lunch & Learn Round Table on data driven parking policy with Belgium parking and mobility professionals

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Oktober 26, 2020



How do you ensure a data driven parking policy in a smart city? On the 1st of October, Nedap and platform partner Geosparc jointly organized the first virtual Lunch & Learn Round Table: Samen Parkeren (Parking Together). During the round table discussion, an audience of parking decision makers from Belgium cities shared their insights and experiences regarding a data driven parking policy. The goal of this session was to cooperate and strengthen each other.

Rapid urbanization and the importance of a data driven parking policy

Industry trends show that rapid urbanization is leading to a growing number of cities, with the result that more parking spaces are needed in the city. Because parking space is often scarce, it is important for cities to properly organize the city’s parking policy. A data-driven parking policy can be a good solution to make the parking space allocation and parking space management easier and more effective, as well making enforcement fairer and more efficient.

Sharing insights and experiences during the virtual round table

To share knowledge and experiences from different cities with regard to data driven parking policy, a virtual Lunch & Learn Round Table was organized for Belgian cities. 13 parking professionals from 10 Belgium cities attended the round table with great interaction between the professionals. Jean-Paul Vandewinckele, director of Parko Kortrijk, showcased the KPI benefits realized after implementation of parking data gathered by parking sensors for the shop & go and inhabitant zones in the city of Kortrijk. The Knokke case provided valuable insights on monitoring parking spots for EV charging bays. The round table session included a home-delivered lunch for each parking professional.

“I would definitely consider new opportunities based on the round table session. In the case of the city of Knokke, it is very interesting from the perspective of measuring correct use of EV charging bays and EV charging infrastructure. We will definitely look into this in the future. Thank you for the session.” Michael Bastiaens, director Management and Operations at the city of Antwerp


In order to continue helping cities, even during this period of COVID-19, Nedap will join forces with her partners. Therefore more joint Lunch & Learn Round Tables will be organized for cities. If you are interested in these round tables, please contact us.