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Nedap joins LoRa Alliance to potentially strengthen SENSIT proposition

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Oktober 02, 2015


Nedap joins the LoRa Alliance to enable the possibility of using the LoRA long-range low power technology for its leading platform for wireless vehicle detection: SENSIT.

Wireless parking sensors

Nedap has been at the forefront of building the category of wireless parking sensor applications in citiescampusesretail areas and airports. Its wireless parking sensors are used worldwide to detect the occupancy of individual parking bays using wireless ground sensors that run on batteries. In current installations Nedap runs its own proprietary low power network that enables swift real-time communication both from sensors to a cloud based server and vice versa.

This bidirectional communication capability is inevitably very important to support demanding parking guidance applications in smart cities and other environments. Nedap SENSIT sensors can be configured to apply filters and be optimized for harsh city environments. The real-time aspect of the network prevents abuse and faulty occupancy detection since each sensor will poll for the presence of a vehicle every second. And within seconds this information will be available to support applications for guidance, enforcement and reporting.

Smart city networks

“We have invested vast amounts of resources to make our network this reliable and we are certain that its capabilities and characteristics enable us to live up to the expectations of our clients. Wireless parking space occupancy detection just may be the killer app that is needed to illustrate the potential of M2M and IoT concepts to environments like smart cities.”, says Maarten Mijwaart, General Manager of Nedap Identification Systems.

“We have always kept an eye on the market to see if standardized wireless networks would arise that support battery operated long-range networks. So far there have been initiatives but none of them matched our needs for speed and bidirectional communication.” Maarten Mijwaart, General Manager of Nedap Identification Systems

LoRa for wireless parking sensor applications

Nedap believes that LoRa has the potential to develop itself to a network with the right potential. “We see the LoRA initiative is getting widely embraced and we understand that cities and other managed environments that consider deploying battery operated sensors are appealed by the fact that they could deploy one standardized wireless network and have multiple types of sensors utilize that network.”, says Edwin Siemerink, Nedap’s Proposition Manager for SENSIT and smart mobility solutions.

“One network for many types of applications that would host tens of thousands of battery operated sensors in an efficient way, would be a very good solution for ambitious IoT and M2M projects and would certainly keep down the total cost of ownership. We would be interested to see if LoRa is technically capable of supporting wireless parking sensor applications at a sufficient scale. That is why we joined the LoRa Alliance, are investing in supporting the technology and are open to support cities with an interest in running wireless parking sensor projects using a LoRa based network.”

More information

If you are interested in finding out more about the combination of SENSIT and LoRa, please contact your Nedap representative, directly speak to Edwin Siemerink or send a request for more information.

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