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Shop & Go attracts 1,1 million parking motorists

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Oktober 06, 2015


The 232 Shop & Go parking spaces in Kortrijk’s city center are a success. In one year, 1.1432 million motorists chose a Shop & Go space that allows motorists to park up to 30 minutes free of charge. The number of fines, to date accounting for € 468.000,-, are expected to fall vastly.

At Shop & Go zones, parking is allowed for a maximum of 30 minutes. Nedap’s SENSIT on-street parking sensors monitor the parking duration. Violating motorists receive a fine of €25,- from parkeerbedrijf Kortrijk (Parko), the city’s parking enforcement company. Since July last year, an amount of €468.000,- worth of fines has been written. Violators are usually not ill-willed, but do not understand the system. Therefore, all Shop & Go zones will receive a green color in autumn this year to eliminate misunderstandings. Work in progress. “Anyone who still misuses the parking spaces by then should buy a pair of glasses,” says councilor Mobility Axel Weydts (sp.a), who is also chairman of Parko. Currently almost nine out of ten drivers use the Shop & Go zones correctly.

The 232 parking spaces have attracted 1.1432 million parkers since July 2014.

“If you assume that each motorist spends at least €5,- on small groceries, you can speak of a major economic benefit for the city.” Rudolf Scherpereel (N -VA), Councilor for Economy

“Nevertheless, on average 55%of the parking spaces remain available.” Weydts adds. “There are hardly any differences between winter and summer. Therefore, anyone looking for a parking space can always make use of the available Shop & Go spaces without having to look for other parking options.”

Reorganizing parking facilities

Parko is planning to reorganize the Park & Go offer. Because of underutilization, a total of seven spaces will disappear from i.a. the city’s train station area. However, as a result of great utilization in the  other neighborhoods, additional Park & Go parking spaces will be added to the city.

After the reconstruction of the Houtmarkt, five Shop & Go zones will be added for anyone who, for example, wants to drop off their children at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Furthermore, several other Shop & Go zones will be re-located to areas with a higher density of retailers.

A total of 442 parking spaces have been transformed to Shop & Go zones, including the ones at areas outside the R36 and parishes. The only areas lacking Shop & Go are Aalbeke, Rollegem and Kooigem. “An extension can be made if there is an increased demand from retailers,” says Weydts.

The construction of one Shop & Go parking space costs €589. Personnel costs for parking enforcement of the 30 minute maximum now amounts to over € 100,000 per year.

Source: Leiestreek Regio / Peter Lanssens

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