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Nedap expands smart parking product portfolio

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diciembre 06, 2016



Nedap expands its smart parking product portfolio with the introduction of new tools for easy installation and IP based displays. With these additions, Nedap continues to innovate the leading smart parking platform: SENSIT.


With the introduction of the SENSIT Configuration Tool, Nedap makes installing and commissioning a smart parking platform easier than ever before. The SENSIT Configuration Tool can be used during installation of SENSIT products. Using the Android smartphone app and the handheld device, the SENSIT Configuration Tool creates a CSV file that contains detailed information about the parking area, parking zone, parking bay, node/sensor ID and GPS coordinates of all products in an installation.

The tool offers a smooth, efficient and controlled installation, which makes it a must-have for every SENSIT business partner.


The SENSIT Display is Nedap’s new smart IP-based display that enables communication of parking availability for SENSIT installations of every size. It enables signage of available parking spaces for stand-alone parking guidance installations. The display is designed for outdoor use, indicating the number of available parking spaces per parking lot. This enables motorists to quickly find and navigate to the nearest available parking space.