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Nedap’s forward-thinking approach stands out at Intersec in Dubai

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enero 25, 2019



Nedap stood out at this year’s Intersec Middle East (20-22 January) – not just because of the advanced products that were introduced but the novel way they were presented. By using augmented reality, Nedap showcased innovations such as its leading vehicle identification platform. It is an approach that enables people to see how this technology works in real life, and will help Nedap to continue its growth in this region.

Leading with long-range vehicle identification

Nedap’s growth in the Middle East has been strong among governments and the oil and gas industry. In particular, Nedap leads the market in this region for automatic vehicle identification, using long-range readers. Its technology secures the world tallest tower the Burj Khalifa, for example, but is also used for much smaller applications such as parking at residential buildings.

Early adopters in the Middle East

When asked why the Middle East is renowned for adopting innovation early, Jochem van Ruijven, Managing Director at Nedap in the Middle East says: “People work with real vision in the Middle East and the countries make everything available to turn vision into reality. An example of this is that in 2018 the King Abdullah Economic City in Saudi Arabia and our partner Secutronic won an Intersec award using Nedap’s smart security technology. It’s a gated smart city that’s protected by access control, but where you can travel freely using Nedap’s smart security. The technology helps rather than hinders you.”

Intersec at the center of security

He goes on to explain why it’s so important for Nedap to be at Intersec Middle East: ‘If you want to mean anything in the security business in the Middle East, you have to be at Intersec. For us, Intersec has been incredibly important over the years. We’ve increased our presence here year on year and, as consequence, our business has grown in the region. It’s not just about meeting customers, it’s about networking and exchanging knowledge with your technology partners and system integrators.”