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SENSIT Parking License App shortlisted for Parking Gulf Traffic Award

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diciembre 03, 2014



The SENSIT Parking License App, the mobile innovation which makes parking for permit holders much easier, is nominated for the Gulf Traffic Award in the category Parking. The award winners will be announced during the Awards Gala Dinner on Monday 8th December. Gulf Traffic is the leading Traffic and Parking Conference in the Middle East.

During the Gulf Traffic award gala dinner on Monday 8th December 2014, the transport industry will gather together to celebrate organisations and individuals that have played a key part in shaping the future of the road, parking and public transport sectors in the Middle East. The six award categories are: Green Initiative, ITS Project, Product Innovation, Road User Education, Road Safety Achievement and Parking.

Nedap’s SENSIT Parking License App is shortlisted to win the Gulf Traffic Parking Award. The Parking Award recognizes the organization or road authority that has implemented an innovative parking scheme, initiative or created a product for improving parking in the Middle East.

The SENSIT Parking License app for smartphones is a new innovation related to Nedap’s SENSIT system for monitoring real-time usage of individual parking spaces with ground sensors. With this electronic parking permit you can park in an area where regulated parking is in effect. The app enables fast and easy checking in and out at a parking bay. The app can also be used for additional parking services such as real-time information about the availability of parking spaces as well as a clever car finding assistant to keep track of where the car is parked. The location of the vehicle can be identified thanks to a innovative algorithm and GPS feature.

Gulf Traffic 2014 brings to the industry the opportunity to showcase, see and understand the latest in road Infrastructure, traffic management and technologies for safe and efficient mobility. This event takes place from the 8th until the 10th of December 2014. Visit Nedap at booth A12.

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