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Introducing iOS Parking License App for permit holders

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novembre 05, 2014



It is the most frustrating part of driving in a city: trying to find a parking space. Studies conclude that about 30% of all traffic congestion in cities is caused by drivers searching for a parking spot. An important part of this group of motorists is represented by parking permit holders. Think about residents fighting for a place after a day of hard work, or handicapped people driving around in circles to find a spot as close as possible to their destination.

To make parking for permit holders much easier, Nedap launched the SENSIT Parking License App for Android this summer. Nedap has now released the iOS version of the app. The Parking License App for smartphones is a new innovation related to Nedap’s SENSIT system for monitoring real-time usage of individual parking spaces with ground sensors. With this electronic parking permit you can park in an area where regulated parking is in effect. The app enables fast and easy checking in and out at a parking bay. When the driver parks, he or she can activate the app by one tap on the smartphone.

Besides the user-friendly interface for (de)activating the parking session, the app can be used for additional parking services such as real-time information about the availability of parking spaces as well as a clever car finding assistant to keep track of where the car is parked. The location of the vehicle can be identified thanks to a clever technological feature. The app contains a unique identifying number. As soon as a permit holder parks and activates the app, it connects to the SENSIT network. Using GPS coordinates and advanced matching algorithms, the location of the SENSIT Parking License App is identified. Thus, the SENSIT Parking License App allows digital monitoring of the legitimate and real-time use of parking bays dedicated for permit holders. Which makes the solution of big value for efficient enforcement of the on and off street parking spaces as well.

In the SENSIT Administration Software, parking administrators can simply manage their parking licenses. Parking permits can be applied and issued online. Since everybody nowadays has a smartphone, the parking license is easily distributed through an app. This makes the related costs for a digital license low for all parties involved. The SENSIT Administration Software is capable of dealing with a mix of licensing devices and apps, which makes it a solution that can serve permit holders with or without a smartphone. The first release of the SENSIT Parking License App is available for a selected group of existing Nedap partners and customers. The automatic license matching functionality is available through an open software interface of the SENSIT system. This makes the electronic parking license functionality easy to integrate into third party pay by phone and way finding parking system for mobile devices. This enables them to simply create their own custom solution.

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