Real-time overview of parking data

The PARKTRACK system provided by Geosparc visualizes all the parking data and allows easy and trustworthy reporting based on sensor data. This solution gives a real-time overview of all sensor-equipped parking spots in your city, tells exactly how long cars have been parked on these parking spots, and provides a trustworthy and user-friendly interface to effectively enforce overstays in your city.

Each parking duration is visually indicated and insight in parking events per bay can easily be monitored. It enables a data driven parking policy with smart enforcement. The platform optimizes charging point infrastructure by linking data on parking spaces and Electric Vehicle Charging points to policy.

Total solution for future-proof parking policy

The PARKTRACK solution of Geosparc adds value to the Nedap SENSIT parking data, by providing a trustworthy visualization of parking data to the city. It allows easy management of parking policies for the city. The PARKTRACK platform converts the data of infrastructure (parking sensors and Electric Vehicle charging points) into time-related events. Events are needed to convert this into data that can be applied for policy development and operations. All occupancy and charge point data is converted into events and enriched with policy data and loading data, among other things. This data can also be combined with additional data sources.

Geosparc works with open source software and open data and is therefore a perfect match with Nedap’s SENSIT system.

“Today more than ever, cities and municipalities should focus on policy and deploy data & technology. By integrating the technology of Nedap in our tool, we provide better, real-time insights and make the impact of policy predictable.” Kris de Pril, CEO at Geosparc