Automatic Vehicle Identification for the mining industry

The mining industry is characterized by harsh environmental conditions. Moreover mining sites are based on remote locations, requiring systems with high reliability and low maintenance. The challenge within this industry is therefore to find systems that can offer reliable and convenient identification for several locations on the mine premises.


Perimeter security

First of all mining companies have a large premises on which their activities are performed. In order to secure the premises access to the premises should be restricted to authorized vehicles only. For the access control of people on the premises, normally an access control system is in place. People are equipped with access control badges. However for vehicle access, presenting the badge, can often result in traffic congestion around the gates. Additionally to identify trucks and passenger vehicles often two proximity antennas need to be installed at two different heights.

Environmental conditions

The mining industry is characterized by harsh environmental conditions. This requires equipment that can withstand these challenging conditions. Furthermore as many locations might be very remote, the system also needs to be extremely reliable, and should not require maintenance. The TRANSIT system can offer reliable identification in these challenging environments. Additionally once set up the system does not require any maintenance. The TRANSIT reader continues to operate even under harsh environmental conditions.

Applications include:

  • Access control
  • Weighing
  • Loading/ ulnloading
  • Controlling traffic flow
  • Yard management
  • Time & attendance