The petrochemical industry is faced with increasing plant security and registration requirements. In order to meet these new requirements these companies need a reliable identification, tracking and control system to ensure that only authorized trucks are weighed, correctly loaded and administrated in a track record.

Nedap Identification Systems ensures the plant operator, that authorised trucks are properly processed at all stages in plant operations.

Vehicle identificationĀ helps to speed up the traffic throughput and reduce the congestion around barriers, loading docks, weighing platforms and refuelling areas making navigation safer and easier. Controlling this with the manual operation of a regular card system would cause congestions in the traffic flow especially during peaking hours resulting in costly delays. Finally the system needed to operate reliable in the extremely difficult and rugged environment of the petrochemical industry.

Benefits include:

  • ATEX approved (intrinsically safe) equipment
  • Improves efficiency of refueling operation
  • Makes navigation through the explosive environment safer and easier
  • Secured access onto the premises
  • Quick and efficient processing of vehicles
  • Fully automated process
  • Reliable registration
  • Reduced congestion
  • Complete track record of the vehicle (entry, weight and exit)