• Industry


Petrochemical plants process a wide variety of natural resources, like oil and gas. The conversion of these natural resources into products involves large capital investments, complicated planning of production and logistic activities and continuous efforts to optimize the quality and quantity of the generated output.

Typical applications

  • Automatic vehicle identification
  • Vehicle access management
  • Truck weighing and refueling


Safety regulations

In any industrial environment, safety is a key topic. Staff, visitors and neighboring residents need to be protected against the results of accidents, like explosions, spills, fires or personal injuries. International and local regulations and corporate policies are put in place to safeguard that plant operators follow safety procedures and that the likelihood of incidents and accidents happening is limited as much as possible. The big challenge however is to optimize the production performance of the plant at the same time. Two ambitions that sometimes collide.


Industrial plants often contain thousands of objects that need to be secured to ensure business continuity and safety for workers and visitors. Many people and vehicles move in and around the plant. The entrances to the site need to be secured, but also zones that are sensitive to security or safety risks need to be protected well. And again without delaying or hindering the work that needs to carried out by the thousands of people that work at the plant.


Challenging logistics

Hundreds of vehicles move around at the plant to carry people, materials and other objects from one place to another. All these movements are part of production processes. The ability to keep track of objects as part of this production process may sometimes be difficult to accomplish, but is nonetheless indispensable when trying to stay in control and prevent congestion, delays or the loss of goods.


Automatic Vehicle Identification

Vehicle identification helps to speed up the traffic throughput and reduce the congestion around barriers, loading docks, weighing platforms and refueling areas, making navigation safer and easier. Controlling access to these areas manually using a regular card system would cause congestion in the traffic flow, especially during peaking hours with costly delays as a result. Automatic vehicular access control is supported by the long-range RFID systems Nedap TRANSIT and Nedap uPASS. In addition our ANPR product line can be used for incidentally visiting vehicles. The Nedap TRANSIT portfolio includes ATEX certified  equipment that is intrinsically safe.

Vehicle access management

Most industrial sites and plants have to accommodate large amounts of traffic that move in and out of the site. Workers, visitors and suppliers all need to be registered to be in compliance with security and safety regulations. When this process is not sufficiently optimized and automated congestion, loss of time (profit) and discomfort may be the result. Nedap MOOV can put you back in control of large traffic volumes. Access is only provided to vehicles without delay when the right credentials have been awarded. Exemptions can be awarded to suppliers as part of an online registration process. In emergency situations access control rights can be instantly adapted to be in line with the desired security levels.