Traffic congestion, traffic jams and pollution continues to increase in many areas around the world. Perhaps one of the most unresolved issues for municipalities is the large amount of traffic streams trough the center of their city.

Often municipalities cannot control their traffic streams and this results into a lot of challenges for all the participants involved. Nedap has developed a vehicle management solution to resolve this challenge.

Municipalities should be able to control their traffic streams trough selective access of vehicles on basis of emergency, route, destination and time. This will result into less traffic movement which contributes to a better liveable standard of the city.

Applications include:

Traffic priority lanes
Control traffic lights based on traffic priority for public transport services.

Restricted vehicle access to urban areas
Control vehicle access to bollard restricted area of emergency services, taxis, residents, suppliers, disabled, and public transport services.

Toll Collection
Automatic fast access through toll gates for selected users.

On-street parking enforcement
Efficient parking enforcement by monitoring occupancy of on-street parking spaces.