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Free-flow parking: the new trend in the world of access control

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COVID-19 is driving the need to reduce physical touchpoints in regard to vehicle entries and exits like parking facilities. Security and parking professionals are quickly shifting their priorities to support the new needs for a safe and frictionless vehicle gate access, without compromising on the security measures applied. Free-flow and touchless identification of vehicles rapidly has turned to be the new norm.

Transformation in gated facilities

A welcoming arrival experience starts at the gate and determines whether someone will return or not. Whether we enter a visitor car park or access a high-secured site, the first impression is of crucial importance. The COVID-19 pandemic has created a growing safety and health awareness when we arrive at our destination by car. As a result, the transformation to a frictionless, contactless and free-flow access experience has accelerated.

Free-flow vehicle access

Free-flow means that a vehicle is identified automatically by using technology when entering or leaving a facility. There is no need to stop or to open the window to present a credential.
Free-flow reduces the need for physical touchpoints in regard to vehicle entry and exit in barrier-less situations.

A key element in a free-flow vehicle access application in private and public areas is the reliability of the information that proves the authorization for having a permission to access or that accurate monitors vehicles arrival and departure times in real time.

High-quality vehicle identification technology

Free-flow vehicle access services must rely on high-quality vehicle identification technology that securely identifies vehicles that enter and leave the site at high speed, whether or not characterized by high traffic volumes during the day or at peak times. Typical locations are airports, city centers, shopping malls, P&R and corporate facilities.

Nedap is the leading specialist in Automatic Vehicle Identification and facilitates partners with their free-flow applications:

  • Long-range RFID (Radiofrequency Identification) is a proven technology that enables highly secure identification and tracking of vehicles and drivers under the most challenging circumstances. It is a perfect solution when dealing with a known, frequent user groups, such as for staff, workers, contractors or loyalty members.
  • License Plate Recognition (LPR) is a perfect option when dealing with non-frequent users like visitors, commuters or short stay users capturing the vehicle number plate. ANPR is the perfect solution in situations where vehicles need to be registered or granted access based on their license plate number.

Integrations that have proven to create are: safe and healthy facilities, eliminated traffic congestion, reduced emissions, collisions and damages, and positive feedback from motorists.

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A touchless, free-flow vehicle gate access is the new norm and will further grow driven by higher expectations related to health, safety and user-experience. In addition, ease of integration, rapid installation, less or no maintenance and support costs will offer operators or end-users an attractive low total cost of ownerships.

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