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Nedap to host session at Parking Australia

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August 03, 2015



How great is the trend to barrier free parking and what are the program that are gaining momentum? During Parking Australia (19-20 August) Evelien O’Sullivan, Nedap Sales Manager Asia Pacific, will host the session “ANPR vs RFID – RFID Technology used at QE II Hospital in Perth and Adelaide Airport for Taxis” discussing the usage of both technologies in parking applications.

About the session

The parking market is rapidly changing. New pre-booking services, mobile payment systems and online parking membership registration allow customers to use alternative methods to pay for the parking transaction. This requires new methods to identify a vehicle entering the parking and register the parking transaction. As a registered member of these services you can already book and pay your parking, but what when you arrive at the parking. In order to allow registered members of these services easy access into the car park Automatic Vehicle Identification Technologies are available. A variety of AVI systems is available to be used in a wide range of applications.

Evelien O’Sullivan, Nedap Sales Manager Asia Pacific

Advantage of using ANPR for AVI

The big advantage of using ANPR for AVI applications is that it makes use of something that almost every car already has: a license plate. This makes ANPR very suitable for those situations where it is unachievable or undesirable to issue and administer tags. ANPR is not only a good alternative to transponder based systems in some situations, but it can also be a good addition to installations where traditional vehicle identification technologies are used. It is important to realize that ANPR cameras need to be installed and configured properly. ANPR needs a visual connection between license plate and camera, ANPR accuracy can easily be influenced by light shining into the camera lens or dirt on the license plates. These are typical circumstances where transponder based systems do not have problems. ANPR performance has increased over the years when it comes to accuracy and reliability. When installed properly an approximate 98% accuracy typically can be achieved, which in practice means that about two of every hundred cars are not read properly, which might lead to an administrator intervening manually.

A last thing to consider is that in some vehicle access control situations, ANPR will require a bit more administrative work when compared to using transponder based systems: some transponders can be moved from car to car with the authorized driver: a license plate always is fixed to the car, so every car change will cause an administrative effort to be made. In situations where transponders cannot be distributed, using ANPR has proven to be a very viable option. ANPR cameras have rightfully earned their place in the variety of technologies that can be used for automatic vehicle identification. In situations where an accuracy of near a 100% is needed, transponder based systems should be in favor. High end AVI systems can also be used in combination with ANPR to support a mixed population with short term and long term vehicle access authorizations.

Join Nedap

Nedap’s ANPR technology is used in many parking applications in Europe to facilitate vehicle access of registered vehicles using their license plate to enter a prebooked parking service. Join Nedap during this interactive session to learn all about ANPR vs RFID in AVI applications during the Parking Australia Outlook Conference, taking place at the Amora Jamison Sydney Hotel, from 19-20 August. The session will be held at the 20th of August during the “Free flowing parking – the best fit for your parking operation” presentation (12.00pm – 1.00pm).

For more information please contact us or visit the Parking Australia website.

Source: Parking.asn.au

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