Shop & Go zones in Belgian city of Kortrijk


The Belgian city of Kortrijk has introduced innovative “Shop & Go” zones in its historical centre. Visitors who need to run a quick errand or suppliers who are delivering packages are able to use a free short-stay parking solution. Shop & Go bays, equipped with a wireless parking sensor, offer these drivers half an hour of free parking. They do not even need a ticket thanks to Nedap’s intelligent sensor system.

Shop & Go is part of the new parking policy in Kortrijk. It offers visitors running a quick errand the opportunity to park near the shop. Loading and unloading is also allowed in these parking spaces. This solution was introduced due to the inefficient use of load and unload spaces, especially during peak times, as well as the growing request for short-stay parking areas in the city centre.

Parko, Parkeerbedrijf Kortrijk, was determined to find a high-end parking solution that enables multiple use of short-stay parking zones. The stated preconditions were: visitors experience a high level of comfort, improvement of administration and supervision efficiency, and minimum operating costs. The wireless parking sensor system from Nedap, installed in cooperation with Belgian partner Parking Project Solutions, offers Parko the perfect solution.

The new parking concept is installed at the Doorniksestraat and at the Grote Markt. Shop & Go enables visitors and suppliers to use the parking spaces free of charge for half an hour. A parking sensor is mounted in every single parking bay to detect the presence of a vehicle. To prevent abuse the short-stay zones are maintained by parking attendants. When a car occupies a parking space for more than thirty minutes, the parking attendants are informed. The message includes the number of the parking space containing the vehicle in overstay, so the attendant can take targeted action.

Parko, Parkeerbedrijf Kortrijk, is responsible for the full on and off street parking infrastructure in Kortrijk. The Dutch technology company Nedap is the developer of wireless parking sensor system SENSIT which detects vehicle occupancy at every single parking space. Real-time parking information can be used to guide traffic effectively, to improve the utilization of parking capacity and to manage parking enforcement more efficiently.