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Parking specialist Amano Europe and Nedap are joining forces to optimize vehicle throughput at gates

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February 12, 2021


Together with platform partner Amano Europe, Nedap Identification Systems helps organisations by optimizing their vehicle throughput. The integration between Nedap’s ANPR Lumo camera and Amano’s Parking Management System results in a fast passage. This will avoid any queues at the entry and exit lanes. 

Amano Europe

The originally Japanese company Amano Corporation focuses, among other things, on parking solutions. In 1967 Amano introduced the first parking machine and nowadays they are known as a global player in highly adaptive parking management systems. Amano Europe is a company of the Amano Group with European Headquarter in Genk (Belgium). With Xparc they offer parking solutions in over 40 countries.

Optimalization vehicle throughput at Belgian Hospital

Recently, Amano Europe installed Xparc in the Belgian hospital, Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg (ZOL) campus Sint-Jan, in Genk and joined forces with Nedap Identification Systems to optimize the vehicle throughput. The Belgian number plates are known for being difficult to read, due to the white background with red characters. However, this is not a challenge for Nedap’s ANPR Lumo camera because of its high read accuracy. The integration between the parking management system with Nedap’s ANPR camera’s results in a fast passage. This avoids any queues at the entry and exit lanes.

It is also the perfect combination for situations where vehicles need to be granted access temporarily or incidentally, to handle reservations, or to install ticketless Amano-APP based parking solutions.

Amano has chosen ANPR Lumo for its high accuracy

Amano has chosen for the Nedap ANPR camera because the ANPR Lumo is a high-end Automatic Number Plate Recognition camera. Deep learning algorithms enable a high accuracy in both regions with common license plate formats and non-standardized license plate formats. Furthermore, the camera’s performance remains optimal under difficult (sun)lighting conditions. With this, Nedap takes on a market leader role that fits in with the well-thought-out parking solutions that Amano offers.

Nedap Identification Systems is happy to be part of the Amano ecosystem by providing LPR and identification hardware on par with the Xparc quality and performance.
Wouter Van Steenkiste, Business Development Manager at Nedap Identification Systems

Amano offers solutions that embrace the latest standards in parking. Ticketless systems, reservation APPs, etc., have turned the license plate into a key identifier of the car. Using an accurate ANPR camera like Nedap’s Lumo is by consequence imperative.
Roger Hulsbosch, Project Manager at Amano Europe

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