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The benefit of hands-free access in hospital environments

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May 28, 2014


Nedap has been offering solutions for smooth and convenient access for many years. Recently UHF technology was introduced to enrich Nedap’s hands-free access solutions. Hospitals are one of the areas that clearly benefit from the unique features of this new Nedap  technology. Can you imagine for example that when every second counts, hospital beds equipped with a Nedap UHF tag automatically get priority access to elevators?

Elevator priority in case of emergency assistance

One of Nedap’s valued partners recently installed Nedap UHF readers and tags in a German hospital to provide staff that are pushing hospital beds with patients automatically priority access to elevators. In situations where the patients wellbeing is relying on the ability to move swift and smoothly through the hospital this could mean the difference between life and death. When a high priority hospital bed approaches an elevator the Nedap UHF reader that is situated on the wall immediately identifies the tagged bed at a distance of several meters. The intelligent elevator management system automatically opens the electronic doors. This solution ensures a safe and smooth flow of important patient centered processes and enables medical staff to focus on patient health

Clean hands

In other hospital situations uPASS Access brings important benefits as well. Entrances that are equipped with Nedap handsfree reader technology provide authorized medical staff safe and convenient access to important medical facilities. And in some circumstances it is not only about swiftness and convenience. Just think of surgeons that need access to sterile operating rooms. uPASS Access enables them safe and swift access to a secured operating room without having to use their hands and endanger patient wellbeing. In addition, expensive equipment can be traced at strategic points in a hospital when these are tagged, which can act as a theft deterent.