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Nedap launches next generation of SENSIT for smart parking

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september 14, 2017



Nedap, global leader in parking detection technology, launches a brand-new generation of smart parking products. With a new smart parking sensor, parking guidance app and  gateway, Nedap continues to innovate the leading smart parking platform: SENSIT.

The platform contributes to the optimization of parking guidance and traffic flows in city centers and retail environment all over the world.  Resulting in: less congestion, reduction of emissions, safer streets and thus a more attractive city for visitors and retailers. During the EPA Congress and Exhibition in Rotterdam from 20th – 22st September and ITS World Congress in Montreal from 29th October – 2nd November, the new products will be demonstrated to the market.

The world’s smartest parking sensor

Nedap introduces the SENSIT IR Flush Mount sensor. With this new smart parking sensor, Nedap combines both infrared and magnetic field detection technology into an unmatched compact design. It is installed completely recessed into the road surface, making it resistant to snow ploughs and avoiding tripping hazards. The SENSIT IR Flush Mount detects the occupancy of individual parking spaces in real-time. The obtained parking data enables smart parking in any Smart City, ITS or retail environment.

“We are very proud to launch this new generation of SENSIT sensors. Our products have proven to be the reliable and durable parking detection solution for years in applications all over the world. With the addition of the SENSIT IR Flush Mount, Nedap responds to the growing demand for highly accurate sensors that are mounted fully flush into the road surface.” Edwin Siemerink, SENSIT Proposition Manager at Nedap

Real-time parking guidance app

Beside the new smart parking sensor, Nedap launches the SENSIT P-Guide App. This smartphone app (available for both iOS and Android) enables cities, municipalities and companies to easily provide motorists with real-time parking information. The app, which can be fully customized to fit (city) marketing needs, helps motorists to easily find and navigate to available parking spaces, both on- and of-street.

Recently, the P-Guide app was successfully introduced in the Dutch city of Zoetermeer. The municipality of Zoetermeer anticipates that the introduction of the app will lead to a more effective usage of the existing number of parking spaces in the city.

In addition, the SENSIT Gateway was added to the portfolio. This brand-new gateway offers 3G, Ethernet and GPRS communication. It is the fast and reliable interface between the wireless SENSIT network and the interface software. The new design of the interface software is now completely map oriented and enables easy configuration of any smart parking application.

During the EPA Congress and Exhibition in Rotterdam (booth B24) and ITS World Congress in Montreal (booth 2409), Nedap demonstrates this new generation of SENSIT products to the market. 

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