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Mobile access control app

The MACE app enables convenient door access via virtual access credentials. Via the
app, communication technologies like Bluetooth Low Energy, NFC and QR replace
the need of physical access credentials. Virtual identity credentials are sent to the
MACE App in a secured way from the MACE Server. The app is available for both iOS
and Android devices.


MACE mobile access control app

Easy credential management

Issuing MACE credentials is easy and quick, as no physical credentials have to be distributed. Virtual access credentials can be allocated to users in Nedap XS format, Wiegand 26 format or any other format. These credentials are safely sent to the MACE App by the cloud based MACE server.

  • enables access control based on virtual credentials
  • supports NFC, Bluetooth Low Energy and QR credentials
  • combines convenience and security



The MACE App SDK (software development kit) enables partners and end-customers to develop customized MACE compatible apps. With the SDK, third parties create their own mobile access application with the (graphical) user interface of their choice. Additional features, such as widgets, gestures and feedback can easily be built. The MACE App SDK is available for iOS and Android.

  • Create custom mobile access solutions
  • Supports NFC, Bluetooth Low Energy and QR credentials
  • Easy management of virtual access credentials