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Dedicated access control modules

The MOOV Software consists of dedicated modules that provide advanced options for various vehicle access control applications.


MOOV vehicle access software screen 1

Basic MOOV software

The basis MOOV software module is a hosted solution for vehicle access control. In this module you can manage access rights, credentials and view status information. Includes extensive event logs. This module can also be used to extend advance booking systems with physical access control barriers.

  • Enabler for pre-book parking applications
  • Custom fields for end-user required information
  • REST interface for third party integration
MOOV vehicle access software screen 2

Multi-tenant parking

Purpose built module to manage vehicle access control for office buildings, corporate sites & residential parking areas with multiple tenants. The capacity allocated to specific tenants can be determined and monitored. When the capacity is utilized fully, access is denied. The administration functionality enables management of the number of tenants as also the registration of tenants, counting groups, management of visitor templates and search functions.

  • Unlimited amount of exemptions, authorizations, persons, tenants, operation and events schedules
  • Easy, simple and intuitive web-based user interface
  • Set and define user rights within the MOOV application
MOOV vehicle access software screen 3

City access module

specific module for vehicle access control in cities. Includes the ability to view and manage access rights and exemptions, credentials, graphical status information and extensive event logs. Enables automatic synchronization with the MOOV controllers to enable them to operate standalone when offline.

  • Detailed logging of all transaction at a vehicle entrance
  • Enables use of smartphones to identify people