Interface Software

The SENSIT Interface Software (SIS) collects, filters and evaluates all data generated by the SENSIT parking sensor network. This cloud software provides a user-friendly overview of the entire SENSIT system and enables easy network segmentation, calibration and sensor configuration.


SENSIT smart parking platform 1

Easy installation and configuration

The SENSIT Interface Software enables easy installation of the wireless SENSIT network. Once the SENSIT parking sensors, Gateways and Relay Nodes are installed and calibrated, these components will automatically appear in the software.

  • Detailed map monitor for status checks and configuration
  • Management of detection technology (infrared or magnetic)
  • Drag and drop function for positioning network components
SENSIT smart parking platform 2

Easy integration with SIS API

The SENSIT Interface Software is cloud based. Using the REST interface, parking data can be easily integrated to any parking guidance system, parking enforcement software and smartphone apps. The SIS forms the basis for additional services and functions such as data analysis, planning and management of e.g. loading/ unloading, truck and disabled parking bays.