Smart parking sensor

The SENSIT IR Flush Mount NB-IoT sensor is an advanced parking sensor that detects in real-time whether or not a single parking bay is occupied and how long it has been occupied. The sensor is designed to operate in parking projects in Smart Cities and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) environments. Real-time information on the usage of parking spaces can be used to reduce search traffic, optimize parking utilization, lower emissions (CO2 and fine dust) and improve parking revenues.


With an expected battery lifetime of up to 10 years (depending on the application type), the in-ground SENSIT sensors have proven to be a reliable and durable parking detection solution. Nedap’s SENSIT allows easy integration with third party applications. Typical use cases include on-street parking guidance and effective monitoring of loading and unloading, short-stay zones, disabled and EV-charging parking bays.

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