Digital parking license

The SENSIT Parking License app is a tool to enable identification of vehicles. This solution monitors the legitimate use of parking bays digitally. The SENSIT Parking License app for smartphones performs in a similar way as the physical onboard EPL device (Electronic Parking License). It enables the SENSIT system to identify and localize the vehicle and consequently detect abuse of parking bays for designated users.


SENSIT P-License App screens

Smart parking app

As soon as a motorist parks, one button press is sufficient to activate the app and have it connect to the SENSIT server. Using GPS coordinates and smart analysis of SENSIT events, the location of the vehicle is identified.

In the SENSIT Interface Software, parking bays can be designated to specific audiences, like permit holders, handicapped people, VIP’s, licensed taxis or suppliers, etc. User-friendly widgets in the SENSIT administrator GUI are available to easily detect unauthorized parked vehicles.