Vehicle & driver identification

The Smartcard Booster LEGIC is a vehicle and driver identification tag. This patented solution ensures that a vehicle can only get access to a secured area when driven by an authorized driver. The Smartcard Booster LEGIC is used in combination with (existing) LEGIC smart cards. Based on semi active RFID technology (2,45 GHz), the Smartcard Booster LEGIC is identified up to 12 meters* (40 feet) with the TRANSIT Ultimate reader.

*In combination with the TRANSIT Ultimate reader. The maximum read range depends on reader type, the installation and the environment.


The driver based vehicle identification solution consists of two elements: a LEGIC access card and an in-vehicle Smartcard Booster LEGIC. Typical applications include highly secured vehicle access at airports, seaports, military bases, utility companies, corporate and educational campuses, police, fire and other installations where vehicles must be assigned to specific drivers.

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