Efficient parking system in the city Groningen

On-street parking control issues are a major concern to the city of Groningen due to the high level of urban crime involving parking meters. Furthermore car ownership is rising and causing an increased demand for parking space. Due to these factors the city needed a efficient parking system.

The concept, developed by Park-line  to face these challenges offers motorists a fast, friendly and flexible way of paying for parking fees, by using a mobile phone. Drivers, using mobile parking, previously register themselves once by Internet. The registration details are registered in the central database.

The registered person will automatically receive a Nedap transponder card, linked to the customer in the central database. To start the parking transaction, the driver parks the car, dials a special number and types in the district where his car is parked.

The driver places the transponder card behind the cars windshield to outline to enforcement officers that he is registered for the mobile parking service/ paying by mobile phone. The transaction is independently sent to the central database operated by or for the municipality. As the customer returns to the car, again he calls the 0900-1464 number to end the transaction. The actual time parked will be calculated and periodically parking expenses will be specified and invoiced.


  • Municipalities can improve their collection rate
  • Improving customer service
  • Reduce the enforcement workload