Convenient door access

To enable hands-free people identification Nedap develops the uPASS platform.

uPASS Access-lr-front


uPASS is the leading people identification platform based on UHF RFID technology. uPASS enables long-range identification using a variety of passive UHF readers and tags (± 900 MHz). With uPASS, Nedap is able to put powerful UHF technology in small readers with read range of up to 2 meters (6 ft).

Typical people identification applications include hands-free door access in hospitals, office buildings, gated communities, care homes and universities.

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Secure & convenient

It is Nedap’s mission to positively enhance the customer journey in access control. Our product lines support longer read ranges so users can keep going. But they can also support hands-free use of RFID tags. All our readers and platforms are built to easily integrate with any third party access control systems.