The smart way to park

For over 10 years, SENSIT is helping cities and other urban environments to become smart about parking.

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The SENSIT platform consists of a variety of wireless parking sensors that detect the real-time occupancy status and parking duration of individual parking bays. A combination of magnetic and infrared sensor technology is used to maximize occupancy detection accuracy. This enables smart parking in any Smart City, ITS or retail environment. SENSIT optimizes parking utilization, reduces emissions and guarantees a fast return on investment.

Integration is easy and data availability is unrestricted to make sure third party applications for guidance, enforcement or reporting can reach its full potential. And if the application requirements allow it, standard IoT networks like Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT), are used to optimize the return of investments in an IoT infrastructure.

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Smart parking

Nedap’s SENSIT platform is designed for a variety of smart parking applications.

  • Guidance: guiding cars, buses and trucks to available parking bays fast and efficiently.
  • Enforcement: providing real-time data and alerts to monitor the (ab)use of single parking bays.
  • Retail: improving the shopping experience by guiding customers to the nearest available parking bay.

Securing the flow, today

How can you keep residents, visitors, employees and their cars moving without the need to rebuild the entire infrastructure? Technology may provide a part of the answer. That is, only if there is sufficient focus on the most popular mode of transport: the car. Although self-driving vehicles are becoming reality, it is likely that it will take a few decades before this technology will help to solve the traffic flow challenges we face today.

Nedap specializes in technological solutions to optimize the flow of vehicles in urban environments. It is our ambition to deliver effective solutions based on modern technology that help to solve the mobility problems of today.