Smart parking solution

For over 14 years, SENSIT is helping cities and other urban environments to become smart about parking.


Parking Guidance

Optimize the parking capacity in your city
As a mobility or parking professional of a city, you want to create a safe and livable city for residents, visitors and entrepreneurs. To be able to provide this, it is desirable to reduce search traffic and make optimum use of the existing parking capacity in the city. Using real-time parking data via Nedap’s SENSIT in-ground sensors, you can optimize the use of the parking capacity in your city by guiding vehicles to available parking bays fast, safe and efficiently.

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Parking enforcement 2

Parking Enforcement

Optimize the efficiency of your parking enforcement process
In order to keep a city attractive, it is essential to make optimal use of the parking capacity. However, the high parking pressure in inner city areas increases the risk of parking overstay and incorrect parking. Effective enforcement is necessary to comply with the parking policy and to keep the city center livable. With Nedap’s parking enforcement solution, you can monitor the (ab)use of single parking bays and optimize the efficiency of your parking enforcement process with the use of SENSIT’s real-time parking data via in-ground sensors.

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SENSIT Parking data

SENSIT delivers real-time parking data based on robust, accurate and cost-effective in-ground parking sensors, placed in every single parking bay. These parking sensors monitor 24/7 the occupancy of each parking bay to ensure all parking activities and duration is controlled. The parking data enables parking guidance, paring enforcement and smart parking in any Smart City, ITS or retail environment. SENSIT optimizes parking utilization, reduces emissions and guarantees a fast return on investment.

The SENSIT system provides reliable parking occupancy data which enables cities to continuously determine the most effective parking policies and improve policy decisions in order to optimize the fit between parking space supply and demand. This is becoming increasingly important as the world we live in faces rapid urbanization leading to a multitude of challenges and complexity.

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