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Deutsche Telekom and Nedap collaborate on IoT Solution Optimizer

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februari 19, 2019



Today the IoT Solution Optimizer is launched by Deutsche Telekom in collaboration with Nedap. It enables businesses around the world to model and optimize the performance of IoT applications in numerous vertical industries. Apart from that, the IoT Solution Optimizer is a solutions shelf for IoT-ready devices, such as Nedap’s SENSIT NB-IoT parking sensors.

Smart parking services

During Smart City Expo, Nedap successfully launched the SENSIT NB-IoT parking sensor. With the introduction of this sensor, Nedap empowers Smart Cities and other urban areas to collect real-time parking data using their NB-IoT network. Being part of the IoT Solution Optimizer, Nedap’s SENSIT NB-IoT sensor is an off-the-shelve solution that combines a new type of network with years of experience in marketing robust and reliable parking sensors.

NB-IoT parking sensor

The advanced SENSIT NB-IoT sensor detects in real-time whether or not a single parking bay is occupied and how long it has been occupied.

Detailed insight

“We believe that NB-IoT offers additional opportunities for smart parking in every urban area. The new IoT Solution Optimizer provides business partners and smart cities with detailed technical insights and compatible solutions, such as our SENSIT smart parking sensors.” says Edwin Siemerink, Proposition Manager at Nedap.


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