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Discontinuation of SENSIT products!
As communicated in 2021, Nedap N.V. no longer manufactures and stopped all sales or distribution activities of the SENSIT  product range.


The SENSIT sensor is an advanced parking sensor that detects whether a single parking bay is occupied, as well as the duration of the occupation in real-time.
The sensor is designed to operate in parking projects of Smart Cities and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) environments.

Product range

The SENSIT product range include the following products:

  • SENSIT IR Flush Mount
  • SENSIT Surface Mount
  • SENSIT Interface
  • SENSIT P-Guide App
  • SENSIT P-License App
  • SENSIT Display
  • SENSIT IR Flush Mount NB-IoT
  • SENSIT Configuration Tool
  • SENSIT Back-up Battery
  • SENSIT Relay Node
  • SENSIT Gateway

Consult the FAQ or the warranty conditions

To get your questions answered or the help you need, please consult the FAQ in our Knowledge Center. Would you like to more about the warranty conditions of the SENSIT product range? Click on the button to read more. Please note that in all matters the English language is leading.