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Nedap expands long-range identification portfolio

published on

January 17, 2017



Nedap expands its long-range identification portfolio with an external UHF antenna, an OSDP protocol converter and MACE access cards. With these additions, Nedap continues to innovate the leading long-range vehicle and people identification platforms.

uPASS Target Antenna

With the new uPASS Target Antenna, Nedap introduces an external antenna for the uPASS Target. The uPASS Target is a long-range UHF reader that identifies vehicles, people and rolling stock at distances up to 10 meters. The uPASS Target Antenna extends the read-range of the uPASS Target reader for a wider scope. Additionally, the external antenna can be used in situations where reading of both vehicle entry and exit lanes is required. Typical applications for uPASS Target Antenna combined with the uPASS Target reader are:

  • Bus depots
  • Car park facilities
  • Internal logistics
  • Industrial operations
  • Automated truck activities

PCC485 OSDP protocol converter

Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) is an industry standard for secure communication of RFID readers and other devices with access control panels. With the introduction of the PCC485, Nedap’s reader portfolio for long-range RFID now fully supports the OSDP protocol, ensuring a secure communication. The PCC485 is an OSDP protocol converter for Nedap’s TRANSITuPASS and MACE readers.


The MACE Card is featured with smartcard technology (13.56 MHz). It ensures the use of one card for high secure people identification using the MACE mobile access platform. It is designed for situations that demand the highest levels of security, for both parking and building access control. Physical MACE MIFARE Cards can be combined with Virtual MACE credentials using the existing MACE reader infrastructure.