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Vehicle and driver identification

With 44,803 employees the Swiss Post Office is the biggest services company in Switzerland. In recent years, the company has invested a lot in modernizing the way it processes mail and has built new sorting centers. Protecting its infrastructure from unauthorized entry and access is of the utmost importance.

The mail sorting centre in Zurich-Mulligen is directly situated on a railway track. Loads are transported several times a day by fork-lift trucks through the secured goods-in platform. The Post Office wanted to speed up this unloading process, but did not want to renounce on security. The fork-lift truck operator’s multi- functional employee card should also be used to control arrival at the goods entrance doors.

Kaba AG supports the Swiss Post Office with comprehensive security solutions. This is fully compatible with the LEGIC Smartcard technology of the employee cards. Post office workers put their card in the Nedap Smartcard Booster, which is installed in the fork-lift truck. Ten meters before the door, the long-range reader TRANSIT reads the fork-lift truck driver’s employee card. The driver’s authorization is checked without having to stop and the door opens on arrival.

Employee access

When the fork-life truck has gone through the door, the door closes behind it and remains closed to unauthorized people. The employee card is also used for work time and attendance, canteen payments and to access the parcel center. For the Swiss Post Office, it was important for the cards to be linked to the existing system for employee data administration without the need for additional cards.

Swiss Post vehicle identification reader

As well as a clear increase in efficiency, this solution provides for a comfortable and secure transition between the railway line and the parcel centre. The driver does not need to look for his employee card and can concentrate on what is important, namely driving.

Improved efficiency and safety

Nedap TRANSIT is a vehicle and driver identification system based on tried-and-tested high-frequency technology. The system consists of a reader and Smartcard Boosters. The readers are installed above or near the entrances and exits. The vehicles have a Smartcard Booster attached inside the vehicle. The Smartcard Booster with Dual!D technology can read and boost the latest smart card technologies (such as LEGIC) up to distances of 10 meters (33 ft) and at high driving speeds. This device contains a unique vehicle identification number which can be combined with a driver personal smartcard for building access. This enables fast, convenient and secure vehicle access for authorized vehicles and drivers.

legic access control card

The Nedap Smartcard Booster solution will be implemented in all Swiss Post Office sorting centres and, thanks to the improved efficiency and safety it guarantees, will undoubtedly contribute to building a positive image of the post office as a reliable logistics partner. Mr Sibold, Security Manager of the Swiss Post Office, is extremely satisfied with this solution.

“Kaba AG and Nedap AVI worked closely together to fully implement the Smartcard Booster solution in Exos 9300. Once the test in Mülligen was successfully completed, all post office centers were equipped and the systems are up and running reliably.” Mr Sibold, Security Manager of the Swiss Post Office

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