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Marassi, a world-class tourism destination

Marassi harbors, known as upcoming gateway to Egypt, is a community with a picturesque surrounding overlooking the turquoise Mediterranean Sea along the Alamein coastline.

At this community you will find lavish residences that includes chalets, apartments, townhouses, villas, large mari-nas and signature hotels creating a lifestyle of sheer pleasure and luxury holiday destination. Secured access points to such an extravagant, lavish community is fundamental as the community is occupied by highly influential people, including high ranking Egypt government officials.

Frictionless, streamlined access

Until recently, manual security checks of vehicles and people were carried out at the community access to comply with the security requirements. As manual security checks were not only time consuming, but also resulted in queuing, the need for a secure and convenient access experience arose. Nowadays deluxe communities, like Marassi, strive for an automated frictionless, streamlined vehicle and people access process.

Identifying tenant vehicles

To automate vehicle access at the gates, Nedap’s UHF RFID uPass Reach readers, with a read-range up to 5 meters, are implemented. Comined with Nedap’s UHF windshield mounted tags, these readers are used for automatic vehicle access. The UHF tags are issued to registered tenant vehicles and when the vehicle comes within the read-range, the tag is identified and granted access. The UHF windshield tag is bat-tery free and maintenance free, making it the most effective solution provide secure and seamless vehicle access.

E-gate entry to residents

Today, Marassi residents manage their digital access cardthrough the community app developed by EMAAR.
Digital access cards are used as identifiers and are stored inuser’s smartphones. Nedap’s multi-technology readersenable the use of smartphones to identify people utilizingBluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and NearField Communication(NFC) technologies. The solution has provided Marassi tenants with an easy and secure access to the community andbeach.

Residents manage visitor access

Visitor access to the community and beach is further
simplified by enabling the residents to generate guest requests through the app. Besides supporting BLE and NFC technology, Nedap’s multi-technology reader includes a QR reader that enables scanning QR-codes displayed on a smartphone. Residents can share the QR code with guests. The guest presents the QR-code to the reader and access to the property is granted frictionless.

Increased convenience and security

Implementation of such an integrated solution has provided a high level of convenience to all users at Marassi. The reliable solution has also reduced the congestion at the entry gate, securing the flow of vehicles and reducing the wait period for guests.

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