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Vehicle access control

Due to the concurrent nature of class scheduling, the University of Alabama experienced what most universities see from their commuting students and faculty: a large rush hour coinciding with class times.

They needed a solution that could improve parking throughput without sacrificing the security of their facilities, or the oversight of their pay-for-parking registration system. The Mississippi based Access Control Group answered the call to provide a straight-forward vehicle access control solution.

UHF readers and tags

By installing the uPASS Reach long range UHF readers, ACG was able to accomplish all of this. Mounted at the parking facility entrance lanes, the uPASS Reach’s 4 meters of read range allow for approaching vehicle credentials to be read and processed without the driver having to stop and present a credential to a short range reader. Plus, the cost effective sticker and hang tags met the requirements of the University of Alabama to provide and effective and affordable solution to their student body.

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