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1 million passengers

With more than 1 million passengers every year, Salalah International Airport is is the Sultanate of Oman’s secondary international airport. It is located on the northeast side of Salalah’s city center. The airport features flights to regional destinations as well as a few intercontinental charter services from Europe.

Drop off & pick up area

With having this many visitors every year, a fast traffic flow is of great importance to the airport. The main aims for this project was to reduce the traffic congestion at the drop off & pick up area for visitors. Especially during peak hours, visitors were bothered with queue’s in this critical area.

At all entry and exit lanes of the drop off & pick up area, taxi and rental car parking, ParkQube stations of HUB Parking were installed. These stations offer a modular design combined with flexibility of the management software. All ParQube parking systems are equipped with HUB Parking Pro barriers. These 10 million cycles certified barriers are known for their high level of reliability.

Easy vehicle access

In order to ensure authorized taxi and hotel drivers can easily shuttle through, the Nedap’s uPASS system was integrated in the combined HUB Parking and FAAC solution. This long-range vehicle identification solution provides taxi and hotel drivers with safe and convenient vehicle access without forcing them to stop at the gates.

“HUB Parking Technology chose the Nedap readers for the Salalah Airport project, considering the many successful installations delivered together in the past, worldwide and in the Middle East region. Thanks to the integration with the Nedap readers and HUB Parking Management System, we were able to propose a reliable and durable solution that fulfilled the customer’s requirement.” Daniele Pellegrini of Hub Parking

Every taxi or hotel bus is equipped with a UHF Windshield Tag that contains a unique identification number. The uPASS Reach, based on UHF (Ultra High Frequency) technology, allows consistent reading of up to 5 meters, so taxi or hotel drivers do not have to stop to present their badge or get a ticket. Automatic vehicle identification ensures authorized vehicles can get access only. Thanks to the long read-range, the solution prevents traffic congestion at the gates.

The installation was realized by HUB Parking in collaboration with Oman Airports Management Company (OAMC).

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