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Reggio Emilia, a safe and accessible city center

Reggio Emilia has a historic appearance and counts more than 163.000 inhabitants. Because of the historical centre, cultural sights and a wide range of entertainment facilities, it is also an attractive city for tourists.

A limited traffic policy applies for the city centre of Reggio Emilia. Nevertheless, the city strives for the best possible traffic flow and therefore, only public transport is allowed to the heart of the city: Via Emilia. Public transport is facilitated by TIL, the local mobility company.

Limited accessibility for a livable city center

Focusing on limited accessibility, the street is closed by two automatic rising bollards, provided by PILOMAT. Those bollards manage access control and connected traffic lights. Until recently, remote controllers were used by the bus drivers to get access to and drive through the city center of Via Emilia. TIL aimed for a faster passage when busses enter this street.

Automated Access Control System

PILOMAT, our local partner and specialized supplier of automated access control and bollard systems, was selected for this case. To reduce waiting times and to create the best possible traffic flow, Pilomat implemented UHF readers to create an automatic access system. This system eliminates the need for a manual operation, for controlling the bollards, by bus drivers to gain access to Via Emilia.

UHF Technology for convenient yet secure access

Nedap’s UHF uPASS Target readers and UHF windshield tags have been installed for convenient yet secure access. The uPASS Target readers are placed next to the bollards by both entries of Via Emilia. An additional antenna on the same post allows a cost effective manner to identify vehicles in both directions (entry and exit). Each bus is equipped with a passive UHF windshield tag, which are identified up to 10 meters (33 feet). Automatic and seamless access is now granted.

“The adapted technical solution has a low environmental impact even in urban areas of historical interest. The system is quick to install and has an excellent level of reliability.”
Enio Mosconi – Sales Manager Italy, Pilomat

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