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Red Sea Gateway Terminal

The Red Sea Gateway Terminal (RSGT) is a world-class terminal equipped with cutting-edge technology to enhance the trade and supply chain management process.

However, manually tracking the tractor identity using handheld readers was a major concern faced by RSGT. The manual process carried out for tractor identity and container number identification was not only time consuming, but also had safety concerns.

Automatic vehicle identification

In order to enhance the system efficiency, there was need for automatic, faster and paperless process for permit validation and identify vehicle movement on the go. RFID technology was a perfect fit and this includes the issuance of UHF tags and the use of Nedap’s UHF readers. Each tractor owned by RSGT is equipped with a UHF Heavy Duty Tag that serves as an identity and stores all the information required by RSGT to track the movement of the tractor and container.

Nedap’s uPASS Reach readers – that offer a read range of 5 meters – are installed at the scanner exits. When the UHF Heavy Duty Tag comes within the range of the uPASS reader, it logs the timestamps of tractor / container movement. The implemented solution offers two major advantages: The tracking identification process is simplified and the container status updates in the terminal operating system are

Seamless vehicle access

To ensure seamless vehicle identification access, Nedap’s uPASS solution was integrated with the existing application of RSGT. This complete solution has helped RGST to improve the process efficiency by seamlessly identifying tractors and tracking its movements with accurate timestamps.

“With this Nedap technology, RSGT is able to automatically identify the terminal tractor passing through the mobile scanners, which was done manually before. With the uPASS Reach’ compact design and simple interface, hardware installation and integration with the RSGT terminal operating system was a breeze.”
Red Sea Gateway Terminal – Technology Architect

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